Be kind ‘Merica!

Last week, I was at a resturant during a large gather of visually impaired individuals. As the state capital, Austin has a large community of those whom are visually impaired, deaf & hard of hearing individuals.

The group was in a party room in the back of the restaurant. To get to the restroom, exit & to their tables was a sea of tables & chairs. The servers were helpful guiding patrons, but they couldn’t help everyone. Diners kept their heads down as people with white canes attempted to make their way through the obstacles towards the exit. It was upsetting to witness so much diffused responsibility.

Some ppl adhere to the “mind your own business” attitude & others, like myself, are compelled to offer assistance. I don’t seek kudos, but I do hope this is a reminder that we live in a world of vulnerable people and if you are able, then you have a RESPONSIBILITY to offer your assistance & compassion. It starts a home. ❤️♿🇺🇸

#dosomething #randomactsofkindness

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